Cars Review Drift RC

Cars Review Drift RC

 RC Car really made for Drifting?

If you want to feel the drive, you need an RC drift car! Drifting is a very fascinating spectacle. It is based on bashing the car while skidding, over which you have control. The secret of immense popularity of radio-controlled drift cars is quite simple – it is an inexpressible explosion of emotions you feel making steep turns, demonstrating your driving skills, and what is important – an opportunity to control laws of physics. See for yourself – watch any video of radio-controlled drift cars in action. The cars look especially spectacular at night thanks to large LED lights, chrome accessories, special wheels and original design. These cars will please both adults and children, as well as the fairer sex.

Drift RC Cars Review

Buyer’s Guide for Drift RC Cars 

  • The engine and its power. There are models that are equipped with an electric motor, and there are with an internal combustion engine. If the purpose of your purchase is to learn how to go into a controlled skid, then feel free to take a car with an electric motor. The first advantages that come to mind are durability, simplicity, and energy efficiency. They make minimal noise and can be driven indoors. In addition, you will not have such a problem as frequent overheating which occurs with gas and nitro engines.
  • Tires. Rubber is used here for a special purpose of high rigidity. This is needed for the car to easily go into a skid when turning.
  • Drive. More often drift cars are all-wheel drive (4WD). Otherwise you will not be able to harness the full power of the engine, especially if you are a novice racer. In this case, the torque can be distributed between the wheels in different ways, but never the front wheels should spin faster than the rear!
  • Control. Here it’s important that the app works on 2.4 GHz frequency and has a range of at least 330 feet (100 meters).
  • Body. Design of these cars is really cool. They look stylish, bold and very similar to the original prototypes. Standard body materials are shockproof plastic. Therefore, in case of an accident you can not worry about your drift car. In the worst scenario, you can always repair the body or replace it with a new one.

Radio-controlled cars for drifting Nissan Skyline and Ford Mustang, perhaps, can be attributed to the popular drift car models. They have everything listed above. Of course, each model has its own personality.

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