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Mixjamz beta package is a flourishing and quickly growing program. It’s a free program that gives people the ability to make excellent online revenue on their terms.

On the other hand, there is no price for cashing out on the Mixjamz beta package. Anyone is welcome to sign up without charge.

We are dedicated to giving people the resources they require to utilize the internet and their mobile devices to make extra money for nothing! The amount of activeness that you are ALLOWED to have is the same as what you would get from the base withdrawal amount.

Who is eligible for the Mixjamz beta package?
Anyone can sign up for the Mixjamz beta package; all you really need to use the site for daily tasks is a web-enabled device.

One idea for the Mixjamz beta package is to give students and the general public access to online employment where they can use their phones to earn money while reading the news online.
Can I Trust the Beta Version of Mixjamz?

You might be thinking that this is another Ponzi scheme, but it’s not at all like that. The Mixjamz beta bundle is 100% accurate. We honor our commitment.


If you sign up for the revenue program on, you can receive up to 5,000 to 10,000 each day on the Mixjamz beta package for FREE!

Benefits of Enrollment and Income Generation

The Mixjamz beta package has made a name for itself as a place where young people can make a living that is actually fair, which begs the questions of how difficult it is to make money on Mixjamz beta package and what prerequisites there are to get started.
Beta version of Mixjamz In keeping with our unwavering commitment to enabling interested parties experience and participate in the internet-based earning opportunity, Income Program is fully equipped with the following earning features:

Affiliate Commission – In addition, upon a successful registration, you are also an affiliate.

= 300 for each person you recommend who signs up for the program using your special referral link. The more people you invite to participate, If you can get (10) others to take advantage of the Mixjamz beta package Income opportunity each day, you will earn 1,000 per day and 30,000 per month for #FREE.
Sponsored Post – Get paid to post content on your social media profiles like Facebook, WhatsApp status and acquire up to ₦100 per each supported post you shared on Facebook.

How you Earn on Mixjamz beta package?

The enrollment participation is FREE
Affiliate commission is = ₦300
Day to day login ₦100
viewing post ₦10
Commenting is ₦5

Sponsored post ₦100

Sharing Post: ₦10
Referral is Optional!

How and when can your withdraw on Mixjamz beta package.
Note: A Payment form Will be enabled by the website Admin On 30th of Every Month To allow users fill their bank details and request payment.

You might also want to inquire about when and how to withdraw your Mixjamz beta package revenue.

If it’s not too much bother, please take note that with the Mixjamz beta package, we have made it simple for everyone to take part in our free program. To that end, we have created two crucial ways to make money, either by being;


1. A companion (you refer individuals totally free with your extraordinary unique referral link)

2. Earnings from news or activity (you carry out regular tasks with the Mixjamz beta package; referral is optional)


The first of each and every month, activity earners with at least 30,000 must withdraw their profits.
Note: You may work as both an activity worker and an affiliate. Payment upon withdrawal will be promptly settled to your bank account.

Guidelines for Withdrawal

A user who joins the Mixjamz beta package income program can only receive a minimum of 10,000 Naira in the first month. The restriction will thereafter be raised. This is merely to maintain a firm base against some potential external forces.


We Pay, How?

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