When Celina Powell becomes a trending topic, no one is surprised by whatever antics may have recently occurred. One of Rap’s current most infamous groupies doesn’t hesitate to share her alleged encounters with some of our favorite stars, and often, Powell goes into explicit detail. Whether she’s accusing Snoop Dogg of infidelity or calling out Tory Lanez, Powell is still able to connect with rap stars while living in the reputation of being a person who airs out everyone’s alleged dirty laundry.

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Powell’s most popular appearances have been on No Jumper as she adds more shock value to her long list of supposed bedroom tales, and during a recent sit down with VladTV, Adam22 shared the story of why he canceled his podcast with Powell and her friend. “They did a couple episodes but I kinda underestimated the extent to which giving her a show would change the way that people viewed me doing content with her so much, you know?” he said. “‘Cause it went from, ‘Oh, this is a person that Adam does podcasts with occasionally’ to ‘Adam is setting up a platform for these girls to destroy Black men.'”

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Adam mentioned the Odell Beckham Jr. scandal where the ladies started a viral rumor that the NFL star liked to be defecated on. “It just very quickly, like, them doing the podcast was starting to get the brand of like, oh, this is a platform for these girls to tear down successful Black men.” He added that while No Jumper received an abundance of views following the ladies exposing famous men on their podcast, Adam decided it wasn’t worth it. 

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Watch his clip below.