Album: Robbin Season 2 – Icewear Vezzo

Album: Robbin Season 2 – Icewear Vezzo

Icewear Vezzo Releases His New Project “Robbin Season 2”. Icewear Vezzo returns with his latest project.

Detroit’s witnessed a major resurgence — both economically and artistically. Over the past few years, there have been several rappers that emerged who’ve ushered in a new sound and wave. Among them is Icewear Vezzo who’s steadily been putting out music over the past few years.Following the release of his single, “No More Pain” and “Rain Drops,” he’s unleashed his new project, Robbin Season 2 in its entirety.
Laced with 16 songs in total, Vezzo enlists G Herbo, Webbo, GT, Timo, and more for assistance on the project.”Robbin Season 2 has inspiration behind it,” Vezzo told HipHopDX. “So when Robbin Season came out, I posted videos as a motivational thing like, if you want to be great as a rapper, don’t wait, get up, and take that shit.

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Go get it. It was more of a motivational thing. The difference is between motivation and inspiration. Robbin Season was motivational and this new one is about inspiration. The inspiration is me being inspired.”


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