Back in September 2020, Bow Wow welcomed a baby boy, Stone Moss, into the world with model Olivia Sky. It’s unclear what their relationship is currently, but judging from the sweet daddy-son photos that Bow Wow has shared on social media, the two seem to be quietly co-parenting. Recently, Olivia shared a message that had the rumor mill churning after she gave a shout out to the “real fathers” who are invested in their children’s lives.

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“I swear I salute all the real fathers!” Olivia wrote on her Instagram Story. “The ones who actually get their child and spend time with them. The ones who calls and check on them on a daily basis. The ones who actually stand on what they say! The ones who call and volunteer to get them and the mother don’t have to ask! The ones who pick their child up to get their hair cut when it’s time. (the ones who have boys).”

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“The ones who don’t talk bad about their sons mother when she frfr holding sh*t down!!!” Sky added. “The ones who knows what really going on with their child.” Olivia Sky didn’t implicitly name Bow Wow, but the internet was quick to suggest that she was taking a jab at the father of her child. Check out the post below.

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