We’re not sure how Chet Hanks’s “White Boy Summer” plans are panning out, but a fan claims he attempted to hustle her out of cash. Hanks has taken a bit of a break from his controversies, although he is still facing legal troubles. The son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson has developed an unlikely reputation after donning a Jamaican accent and declaring this year’s mid-months to be “White Boy Summer.” He called for his “vanilla kings” to come forward, but not everyone was joining the movement.

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Then, news surfaced that Hanks was reportedly involved in a physical altercation with his ex-girlfriend. She filed a lawsuit against the celebrity spawn and alleged that she endured months of domestic violence at the hands of Hanks, but he returned the favor and began legal proceedings against her, as well. As those cases move forward, screenshots of an alleged DM between Hanks and a fan has gone viral, and it shows the wannabe rapper asking her for money.

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The fan, reportedly named Lily, saw one of Hanks’s Instagram Stories and wrote to him saying, “I love you.” He replied, “Do you really,” and she said, “Yes” with a red heart emoji. Hours later, he responds, “You got some money for me baby?” Lily asks, “Whatchu need king” and Hanks wrote, “What’s the most you could give me right now baby? Be honest.”

After dropping a thinking face emoji Lily told him that for him, she could slide through $22. Hanks replied, “How about 200.” She wanted to know why he wanted that much money, and he told her it’s for his bills. He added that he would call her, as well, but she didn’t go for it. 

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“Your dad is forrest gump,” Lil responded. “Love u tho king im in la if u ever want to do pushups on the beach.” No word on what Hanks thought of that. Swipe below to read through the awkward exchange.