Chika Returns With ‘Can’t Explain It’


Chika Returns With 'Can't Explain It'

Chika Returns With ‘Can’t Explain It’

Chika Can’t Explain It: Rapper Chika has returned to grace us with her newest track “Can’t Explain It” as she recruits none other than Uncle Charlie for the assist. On the track, an interpolation of Tamia’s “So Into You” carries the cut’s hook as Charlie Wilson adds his layers of flavor.

The nostalgic feel of it all is capped off with a music video that rebrands the fictional Hillman College of Cosby Show spin-off A Different World, finding Chika as she takes on the likeness of Dwayne Wayne as she pursues her very own Whitley Gilbert.

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The track adds onto a very busy year for the breakout upstart. Get into it below

Lyrical Excerpts

[Verse 1: CHIKA]
Walked into the party and I spot a shawty, she holdin’ a beer
And she turned and smiled, yeah I know that she got here before me but looked like her pupils are clear
I’ve been cravin’ a sober connection
Confession, I knew that she’d prolly be here
Because durin’ the week when she all up and stressin’, and callin’ and textin’, I tend to appear
I got a fetish for takin’ her problems away
So whenever I’m leavin’ she want me to stay
I’ve been lookin’ for gumption and tryna be brave
But when I’m around you I just cannot behave
The world is so full of production, I think she alone acapella
So I’m nervously runnin’ through ways in my mind, ’til I find a good way I can tell her

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