Clever Tributes Juice WRLD On ‘It’s All Bad’


Clever Tributes Juice WRLD On 'It's All Bad'

Clever Tributes Juice WRLD On ‘It’s All Bad’

Clever It’s All Bad: Clever has released his tribute to Juice WRLD on a new song titled ‘It’s All Bad‘. The Alabama rapper had earlier shared a snippet of the song but has decided to officially share it with fans, on christmas day.

The rapper and Juice WRLD were close and had worked on a project together. Clever shot to fame with the release of ‘Ring Ring’ featuring Juice WRLD. They were also planning a feature for the future when the mishap occurred. Clever claims that he contemplated suicide on hearing.

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Just as Juice WRLD said in ‘Legends‘, “All Legends fall in the making”, he was cut down in his prime, earlier this month, of a suspected drug overdose. He died in his hometown of Chicago and has thrown the entire industry  into mourning.

He was laid to rest few weeks ago and while tributes still troop in, we are trying to move on with our lives. Prior to his tragic passing, he had worked with notable artistes such as Future, lil bibby and others.

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Lyrical Excerpts

[Verse 1]
I spent ten racks on the day you left this world behind
Retail therapy ain’t never lied
Sat down and contemplated suicide
I wanted you to see this
But it’s over now for the poster child
Dealin’ with the cards like the joker’s wild dream chasers
Runnin’ through life, death race speed racer
Rollin’ up the backwoods leaf paper
Journey to the mind of a creator
Turned 21 and died a week later

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And it’s all bad, it’s all bad
This time it was so unexpected
We just chase another dollar ’til we fall flat
We just chase another pill with a tall glass
And it’s all bad, it’s all bad
This time it was so unexpected (And it’s all bad)
You never made it past 21



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