Coi Leray Prepares For Elevation On “No More Parties”

Coi Leray Prepares For Elevation On “No More Parties”

She was raised in the Hip Hop industry and Coi Leray is hoping to earn the respect that the rap greats have accumulated. The 23-year-old has recently made headlines over her affectionate social media and paparazzi moments with Blueface, but she recently returned to share her new single, “No More Parties.” Leray has taken advantage of what rap stardom has to offer, and she now sings about regrouping to elevate to the next level.

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We previously reported on a standout lyric from the single that included a mention of her father, Benzino. Coi Leray says “my daddy let me down” during a verse where she speaks about strained relationships within her family, adding that she would say “f*ck that man” but it wouldn’t help. Stream Coi Leray’s “No More Parties” and let us know what you think.

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Quotable Lyrics

I’m to busy getting this money
Counting this cheddar
My daddy let me down
But I promise you I won’t let up
I wanna say f*ck that man
But this sh*t won’t make me better
Me and my brother still beefin’ right now
‘Cause he ain’t get that letter

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