Download Album: I’m My Brother’s Keeper Yella Beezy & Trapboy Freddy

Yella Beezy & Trapboy Freddy Connect For “‘I’m My Brother’s Keeper”

Download Album: I’m My Brother’s Keeper Yella Beezy & Trapboy Freddy, Dallas is putting in work these days. Though the city’s never had a regional buzz that’s been brought to the limelight like Houston, artists like Yella Beezy and Trapboy Freddy are putting a spotlight on their city.

The two rappers recently connected for their new project, I’m My Brother’s Keeper. The project is thirteen tracks in total with appearances from LaChyna, Don Ke, and Jose Bodega.Check out their new collaborative project as well as the full tracklist below. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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1. Raccs
2. Ride
3. Hoe Card
4. Yeah Bitch
5. Don’t Fuck With These Niggas
6. Throw Them Dollas ft. LaChyna
7. Child So Bad
8. Again and Again
9. Yeen Like Dat
10. On Ya Head
11. Drank In My Cup ft. Don Ke
12. Tool On Ya ft. Jose Bodega

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13. Pop Now

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