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Young Buck Addresses 50 Cent & G-Unit Drama On “Outbreak”

Download Album Outbreak Young Buck, Young Buck returns with his new project “Outbreak,” calling out 50 Cent, speaking on his label issues, and addressing 6ix9ine.

Young Buck spent much of this year in the slammer and, now that he’s out, he’s not wasting any time. For years, we’ve heard about the rapper’s label dispute with 50 Cent and G-Unit Records. Buck has tried everything to get out of his deal, calling out Fif on social media and kicking off a heated feud against him. On Outbreak, he addresses the drama and claims that he is officially back after fumbling for a minute.A brand new seven-song project from Young Buck is out now, featuring appearances from Caleb Neal and Cherae Leri. On the introductory song “What’s Up,” Buck explains why he has never signed an artist to his own label, questioning his beef with 50 Cent and complaining about how the rapper kicked him back to the curb when he wasn’t pulling numbers consistently.

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This is the most personal project we’ve heard from Young Buck in a while. Celebrate his return by streaming Outbreak below.


1. What’s Up
2. All We Do
3. Signed Up
4. So Do I (feat. Caleb Neal)
5. Step
6. Do You Challenge
7. hank You (feat. Cherae Leri)

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