Duke Deuce’s Energy Is On Full Display On “DUKE SKYWALKER”

Duke Deuce’s Energy Is On Full Display On “DUKE SKYWALKER”

Memphis rapper Duke Deuce has taken full advantage of going viral this past year as he has dropped numerous projects all while being promoted by the likes of Quality Control. There is no denying that he has a lot of talent and energy, which is on full display in his new album called Duke Nukem. There are some great songs to be had here, including yet another play on his name in “DUKE SKYWALKER.”

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With this effort, Duke Deuce gives us a menacing beat that is backed up by some bars that are full of references to drugs and material goods. Duke’s flows are especially fun to listen to and overall, this track matches the vibe of his album quite perfectly. It’s yet another solid effort from an artist who has some great years ahead of him.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Duke Skywalker, smoke that shit so heavily
High as seven heavеn, think an angel wanna marry me
I can’t smoke with brokе motherfuckers, I’m allergic
That shit make me nervous appreciate your service

HNHH by [Cardiblogger]


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