Fredo Bang Releases ‘The Box’ Freestyle


Fredo Bang Releases 'The Box' Freestyle

Fredo Bang Releases ‘The Box’ Freestyle

Fredo Bang The Box Freestyle: Fredo Bang jumped on Roddy Ricch’s  ‘The Box‘ for this freestyle. He was in prison at the time the song came out.

He added two new verses to Ricch’s chorus, with his own unique spin.

Fredo is an up and coming rapper, who has several songs to his credit, such as “Ouuuh” “Shootas On The Roof”, “Thuggin” and “Father”.

He dropped his mixtape, 2 FACE BANG in 2018 and has amassed over a million streams.

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Lyrical Excerpts

Slidin in a rental with the chop
Tryna get the drop on the opp
Soak a nigga down with the mop
I just put ten on a opp
If it don’t jam, don’t stop (hmm)

Dump out the whole damn clip, guaranteed you won’t make it (blatt)
We got these brand new sticks put a nigga on the pavement (blatt)
My youngin’ took his soul, got the cash app (cash app)
Told ’em wipe a nigga nose, get ya lick back
I play this shit just how it goes, and that’s Big Facts
I make them put you on a pole, Rest In Piece that

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Yea, ridin’ through my city shoot a nigga like I’m AI
Put me in that water, and I’m swimmin’ like Baywatch
Say that you a gangsta, nigga, show me what you be ’bout
Stalk a nigga, hawk a nigga, I’ma do a stakeout
Pull up with a gun, and it’s round like a bagel
Get a nigga hit, bitch I’m plugged like a cable
He was talkin’ shit, I got em hit ’cause I’m able
Pornstar shit, tryna give a nigga facials

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Aim for his head, ’cause I’m tryna knock his brains out
I ain’t kill the rest ’cause I’m tryna kill the main guy
I ain’t savin’ shit, I ain’t ’bout to bring a cape out
Feed a nigga bullets since this nigga got a big mouth
Wrap another rental, we gon’ spin for days
My Heart on Ice like Rod Wave
Nigga watch your mouth, you could die for what you say
I’ma drop an opp, and then go and jump state


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