Funny Face Fame Isn’t From God, He Sought Spiritual Help From Ungodly Place Hence His Troubles

Funny Face Fame Isn’t From God, He Sought Spiritual Help From Ungodly Place Hence His Troubles

According to Reverend Sampene, Funny Faces’ current condition is one that can be described as self-inflicted due to a step he took a few years ago in his quest to fame.

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In an interview with Oman Channel, Reverend Sampene revealed that due to the aura around Funny Face that makes him attract the love of children, including his own, he took it upon himself to consult God on what could be behind the actor’s situation.

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“One day, while saying my personal prayer, God spoke to me. What God told me was that before he became the popular Funny Face, we all know that he took a spiritual step and he has nothing to do with the church. He went to seek spiritual help from a place because all his efforts were not working, ”he affirmed.

Reverend Sampane added that for the help he was seeking, Funny Face was given the conditions to follow and then he met some people who tried to convert him to Christianity, but failed.

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“He had a covenant with the people from whom he sought spiritual help and when he encountered the Christians, they were unable to free him completely. He also did not return to fulfill the requirements of the covenant and that is the cause of our brother’s predicament, “he said.

In prescribing a solution to the Funny Face situation, Reverend Sampane listed a couple of options the comedian can undertake to redeem himself.

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“He can go back to the place he visited and redeem himself but I am a man of God and therefore the best option for him is to seek help from a man of God, ”he said.

Also, he warned that not all men of God are in a position to help Funny Face, but a deliverance minister would be the best option for him.

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