G-Eazy – Nostalgia Cycle Mp3 download

G-Eazy continues his transition into G-Indie with his brand new acoustic single “Nostalgia Cycle.”

While many have come to associate G-Eazy with his effortless brand of cavalier hip-hop, it would appear that young Gerald is undergoing an artistic metamorphosis before our very eyes. In fact, he appears to be evolving into a new life-form altogether — G-Indie, prone to fits of wispy crooning and the inability to not play an idle guitar. With his upcoming album Everything Strange Here set to be a full embrace of that particular style, G-Eazy has dropped off a brand new single called “Nostalgia Cycle,” which finds him flexing his vocal chops over some pop-friendly production.

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“I miss the way I felt when I had no regrets,” he muses, over a delicate finger-picked guitar pattern. “Before I lost myself in so much random sex, sleeping with strangers, ignoring the dangers, scribble my past out.” It’s certainly an interesting direction for the Bay Area greaser, and one that will likely open the door for a new lane of fans to come knocking — even if it comes at the expense of some more casual ones. Make sure to check this one out for yourself, and sound off — is G-Indie a vibe you’re interested in hearing a full project from?

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