Heaven On Earth Kid Cudi Mp3

Heaven On Earth Kid Cudi Mp3

Heaven On Earth Kid Cudi Mp3


Kid Cudi Prior to releasing Man On The Moon III, the climactic chapter of his long-running intergalactic trilogy, Kid Cudi expressed an interest in highlighting a slept-on part of his artistic hue with Heaven On Earth Mp3 arsenal: his bars. Though few would ever nominate him among the typical Funk Flex disciplines, Cudi deserves credit for having developed and honed an imaginative style. A blend of cadence, imagery, and an ever-so-slightly unconventional delivery, Cudi’s rapping is truly unique. And when he gets going over an eerie banger as he does on album highlight “Heaven On Earth,” the Moon Man’s true power is revealed.

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“Heaven On Earth” fuels Cudi’s frustrations, spitting with a chip on his shoulder. In fact, at time he’s downright bloodthirsty, snarling as he raps “How do we kill ’em? We kill ’em all
Tell these nig*as they feelings, no eulogy / This the shit they been missin’, I raise ’em high.” In the wake of Cudi’s newfound desire to shine as an emcee, “Heaven On Earth” feels especially noteworthy, while retaining that spooky ethereal quality fans have come to expect from Mr. Solo Dolo.

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