Their beef has since ended, but the tension between Lil Flip and T.I. was much talked about over a decade ago. It was reported that back in 2005, Houston’s Flip and Atlanta’s Tip got into a street fight in H-Town, and they were said to have remained at odds for a number of years. The rappers have put those unfavorable moments in the past, but during his recent appearance on the Donnie Houston Podcast, Flip was asked if he would appear on Verzuz as a sign of solidarity similar to what Gucci Mane and Jeezy did on the program.

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“That was historic,” Flip said. “Shout out to Jeezy and Gucci, man. That was big for the culture.” The host wanted to know if Flip would be open to pairing with T.I. on the platform. “A lot of people ask that,” said the rapper. “I don’t know. It’s possible, but if Verzuz want me to do something, man, Imma need a real, real big bag, ’cause somebody makin’ some money off of that. Somebody gettin’ some money. You know what I mean? But uh, yeah, it’s possible. It’s gon’ take a real nice bag.”

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Lil Flip was then asked that if there was a Houston-centered Verzuz, which hometown artist would he like to go up against. “Hey, when you the best, it don’t matter,” he answered. “It don’t matter. And even with the Verzuz, it’s crazy, man. And just to see two artists—it’s a dope ass idea though. But I’m Flip Mayweather. You put ’em in front of me, Imma knock ’em all out.”

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Do you think T.I. and Flip would make a good match? Check out Lil Flip’s interview below as well as his freestyle on the podcast.