Jay Critch Releases ‘Dreams In A Wraith’


Jay Critch Releases 'Dreams In A Wraith'

Jay Critch Releases ‘Dreams In A Wraith’

Jay Critch Dreams In A Wraith: Jay Critch has come back with new music. With ‘Dreams In A Wraith‘, he talks about his luxury cars and its attendant fantasies and comfort.

Why wake up in a new Bugatti when you can have Dreams in a Wraith? Such is the reality faced by New York rapper Jay Critch, who flexed as much on his latest single. Clearly, the young rapper’s hard work has been paying off, though his release schedule has been few and far between. Still, it’s always nice to have some new music from Critch, especially when he’s flowing like this. Taking to a simple yet hard-hitting synth-brass beat, the likes of which might pop up on the Donkey Kong Country Returns soundtrack, Critch channels La Flame with some subtly-autotuned bars.

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“Chain leaking now she wet like a squeegee,” raps Critch, in his warm-up stanzas. “Broke bitches giving me heebie-jeebies.” As the song progresses, Critch’s flow heats up, his technical ear revealed in his approach to structure. Be sure to check it out for yourself now, especially if you’re eager to check in on a promising new talent in the game. Look for big things to pop off for Jay Critch in 2020.

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Lyrical Excerpts

I just woke up, had dreams in a Wraith
Still ridin’ around in a polo T-shirt
Shorty look too damn good in the face
I’m flipping her around on the bed so I can see her
Money get tall and these niggas not involved
Bro got it all if you need work
I cut it off, I was only showing love

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I could never ever need her
Make 50k like tonight, that’s easy
Baby I make it look light, believe me
Chain leakin’ now she wet like a squigi
Broke bitches giving me heebeegeebees
These ho’s could never afford us
I cut my racks out of boredom
I got a new bitch, she gorgeous
Stack to the sky from the floor up


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