Jeezy Releases Music Video For ‘Play It Safe’ Ft Noah Scharf

Jeezy Releases Music Video For 'Play It Safe' Ft Noah Scharf

Jeezy Releases Music Video For ‘Play It Safe’ Ft Noah Scharf

Jeezy Play It Safe Video: Jeezy has released the music video for ‘Play It Safe‘ featuring Noah Scharf. It is off his latest album TM104: The Legend of the Snowman.

This time, the Atlanta rapper hits the beautiful locales of Miami along with song’s collaborator Noah Scharf and some pretty ladies. Watch it below. This is the followup to the ‘Don’t Make Me’ video from earlier this month.

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Lyrical Excerpts

[Chorus: Noah Scharf & Jeezy]
Girl, you got a lot of issues (Yeah, what’s up?)
Like damn
Wonder why I ain’t fuckin’ with you
(Wonder why I ain’t fuckin’ with you, yeah, what’s up? What’s up?)
Oh, man
Know they couldn’t walk a mile in these shoes
(Couldn’t walk a mile in ’em, nigga, oh this that 104, yeah, yeah, yeah)
And the plan is not to let ’em trick you off your shit, ooh
We doin’, is the future worth pursuin’ or in ruin? (What’s up? What’s up?)
Swear I never play it safe, no

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[Verse 1: Jeezy]
Yeah, the bigger the risk, the bigger the prize (Prize)
Yeah, I love her on top while I’m grippin’ them thighs (Yeah)
Bonnie and that Clyde shit, we show up and we show out
Thug love in that backseat every time we go out (Haha)
Got her legs vibratin’, yeah, I’m ’bout to catch a felony (Ayy)
Realer than her last man’ll ever be (Young)
Real player shit, call me Young Bill Bellamy (Damn)
All about principle, a man of integrity (Ayy)
Yeah, chances make champions, against all odds
I’m an introvert, baby, (Yeah) stay away from them frauds (Yeah)

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