I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to... Justin Bieber Challenged to a Fight Tom Cruise in octagon.


Justin Bieber Challenged to a Fight Tom Cruise in octagon.


I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon.

In early June, Bieber challenged Cruise to a UFC fight in an Octagon on Twitter. A few days later, however, Bieber admitted that he was “just playing,” revealing that he only sent that tweet after seeing Cruise in an interview.

“It was just a random tweet. I do that stuff sometimes,” Bieber told TMZ. He even confessed that Cruise would “probably whoop my ass in a fight.” However, on Thursday, TMZ alleged that actual talks about such an event have continued as recently as last Friday. It’s worth mentioning that Bieber and Cruise have no known issues with each other and such an event would purely exist as entertainment.

The Drago impersonator appeared at the restaurant in full boxing gear and was ready to throw hands. “Why you want to fight with old guy, c’mon man. Let’s fight with Russian guy. Let’s fight, real fight,” Drago said, referencing Bieber’s Octagon challenge to Tom Cruise. Bieber didn’t take the bait though.

According to the outlet, this is the same guy who showed up to YouTube star Logan Paul’s home a few weeks ago and challenged him to fight. Paul ended up agreeing—and the two fought in Paul’s backyard. TMZ also reports that the fake Drago is a hopeful social media star.

A fake Ivan Drago tried to fight Justin Bieber in front of a Los Angeles restaurant on Thursday, TMZ reports.



Justin Bieber Confronted By Fake Ivan Drago, Fight Me!!! | TMZ Sports

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