Leven Kali Features Smino & Topaz Jones On ‘HomeGirl’

Leven Kali Features Smino & Topaz Jones On 'HomeGirl'

Leven Kali Features Smino & Topaz Jones On ‘HomeGirl’

Leven Kali HomeGirl: Leven Kali is back with new music. This number is titled ‘homegirl‘ and he featured Smino and Topaz Jones for the rendition.

Leven Kali turned heads with, “Do U Wrong”, his collaboration with The Internet’s Syd. He followed it up with his equally-impressive debut album, Low Tide, which released earlier this year. The Santa Monica artist is already prepping for a big 2020 by sharing “Homegirl”, the first single off High Tide, set to release next spring.

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Kali seeks to provide the most lush sonic experience possible by enlisting Smino and Topaz Jones to join him on the track. While both these artists might be considered rappers first-and-foremost, they have a penchant for belting out melodies too. While Topaz Jones goes for a straightforward rap verse on here, Smino chirps out brief bars that fall somewhere in between.

“Homegirl” is centered on a rather niche concept that I’m not sure has ever been covered in song before. Leven Kali explained it to FADER: “Whether it’s from friends, family, the ‘gram, or TMZ — we’ve all gotten the, ‘Oooh who’s that?’ accusation of someone who’s just a friend and nothing more. This song is an answer to that.”

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Lyrical Excerpts

[Verse 1: Leven Kali]
Okay, we both got some pieces on the side
Ain’t no issue if she mine
Say I miss you sometimes when I’m feelin’ like that (Oh)
And I admit she fine, ain’t no disrespect
If she don’t hit my line every time tryna smash
But we’ll probably still kick it though, (probably still kick it though)
Even if I’m in the studio workin’
Even though you ain’t my girlfriend, we gon’ get this work in


Talking like that
I know you sick and tired of man who will never throw no hands for you
But I hold you better than he can, I don’t think he understands you (no)
So tell me where we gon’ kick it, though
Cuz you know we getting physical and workin’
Even though this isn’t permanent, I’mma make it worth it every

Aaron Cole

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