Listen To Future And Drake Collaborate For ‘I Know’

Listen To Future And Drake Collaborate For 'I Know'

Listen To Future And Drake Collaborate For ‘I Know’

Future Drake I Know: The song, ‘I Know‘, which is a collaboration between Drake and Future has surfaced online, leaked off their upcoming project, ‘What A Time To Be Alive’.

It surfaced on streaming platforms few days ago, but has been pulled down. Being who we are, however, and knowing that you guys will want to listen to it, we have made it available, once again.

Future had teased the song on his instagram live last august and on December 20th, the snippet leaked online. The song officially leaked online, January 4th 2020.

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Listen to the offering below and see the accompanying lyrics.

Lyrical Excerpts

[Intro: Future]
Put that Christian Dior on a Muslim, she feelin’ like she was sinnin’
Her family lose faith in a genocide, I told ’em bring ’em all to Finland
I don’t mean to admire you, just passion, I’m winnin’ (D. Hill)
(Said I was in that UK, get closer to feelin’ it)
Had to double back up my double-cup, yeah, yeah
You gotta put up out the city, she can’t get any closer
Especially when you’re driving a bandwagon after
You gotta put ’em on, she like that

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[Chorus: Drake]
Ayy, I should have put you somewhere where no one could find you
Mansion out in the sticks with nothin’ around you
Katy, Texas, Dallas, Texas, you know, a different environment (Woo)

[Verse 1: Future]
You got that fire and I’m not a liar
You had me down on my knees everyday, had to talk to Messiah
I’m in that ’81 and this that ’82, this a different Ferrari, yeah
I tried to pay all of your loans off and cop you a driver, yeah
I had to stand too close to the city
You actin’ too vulnerable livin’ this life
I shoulda moved you away from Houston, before I copped you all this ice
You wanna be my number one, you’re not actin’ like the main thing
I let you play my number two, you barely made the section

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