Meet woman who has been living in a toilet with her three kids for six years (Video)

Meet woman who has been living in a toilet with her three kids for six years (Video)

A woman has shared the story of how she and her children have been living in a toilet for the past six years.

In a video by @afrimax_tv on Instagram, the woman said their situation is the definition of hardship. She and her family had once had a decent life before things turned out for the worse.

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According to the woman, her husband was once a caring man and everyone lived a happy life, but the man changed and became an alcoholic.

He would come home drunk, beat his wife and his children. The family was known for fighting all night.

The man woke up one day and told his family he was leaving to somewhere very far. They never saw him again.

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After living in their house for six months, they were evicted by the landlord because they could not pay their rent.

The woman had no friends or relatives that could help her, so she and her kids lived on the streets for two months before finally discovering an old toilet where they now call home.

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According to the woman, their situation has had its toll on her kids who now bring bad grades from school.

Watch below:

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