Mp3 ”Hands On The Dashboard” Chevy Woods


Chevy Woods Slides On “Hands On The Dashboard”

Chevy Woods details an encounter with the police as a Black man on his latest single.

Though a lot of music was put on hold this week in respect to the current social climate, many artists have used their voice to amplify and speak on what’s going on. Racial injustices against the Black community have been going on for far too long, especially at the hands of law enforcement. As many have taken to the streets to denounce police brutality and racism, artists have used the moment as inspiration. Chevy Woods recently released a new song called “Hands On The Dashboard” where he details his encounter with police. Coming from a first-person perspective, he dialogues an interaction with police that sound all too familiar — getting pulled over for tinted windows, calls for back up, etc. A radio effect distinguishes his voice from the officers in a way that’s reminiscent of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.”

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With production from ghostrage, Chevy Woods cooks up a breezy record that still highlights the racial tension going on in America.


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