Music ”Dirty Elevator Music” Flatbush Zombies


Flatbush Zombies Snap On “Dirty Elevator Music”

Flatbush Zombies engage in some honest-to-goodness mayhem on “Dirty Elevator Music.”

The Zombies have returned, and they’ve evolved far beyond a desire for consuming brains. Enter Now, More Than Ever, a seven track EP from the Flatbush crew, lined to the brim with a variety of different styles. And while there are many different sounds worth exploring, you can never go wrong with that New York energy, boom-bap beats backing a spooky and disorienting jam session. “Dirty Elevator Music” captures the essence of the Flatbush Zombies, tied to their roots but continuously seeking further ascendence — by any means necessary.

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Taking to an unsettling reverse-synth loop, Erick Arc Elliot lays down a spirited hook designed to segue into the unrestrained charms of one Meechy Darko. The most overtly flashy of the group, it’s hard not to be captivated by Darko’s wild, borderline feral verses. Here is no exception, as he whips himself into a frenzied flow. “Beware, these here are the tales of the darkside,” he warns. “Nobody gets out alive, ask why Satan cried when I was baptized.” Erick steps up to close the track, matching Darko’s intensity with his more collected, but no less capable energy. “Dirty as Jersey, no disrespect to Reggie the Noble, repeatedly hittin’ your whip until it’s been totaled,” he spits, a welcome homage to Redman.

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Check out the full EP right here, and be sure to show some love to the Flatbush collective in the comments section below


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