[MUSIC] ”Space & Time” Mya

[MUSIC] ”Space & Time” Mya

Mya Shares Uplifting Single “Space & Time”

Mya wanted to share a song like “Space & Time” that would help the world through these trying times.

In this time of civil upheaval, Mya is hoping that her new song is a breath of fresh air. We just came from months of anxiety as millions of people were out of jobs, stuck at home, sick with COVID-19, or finding themselves mourning the loss of a loved one who passed away from coronavirus. That era of 2020 hadn’t even concluded before the police-involved death of George Floyd sparked protests worldwide, and in the midst of it all, Mya shared her track “Space & Time,” a single that calls for people to take a moment to regroup.

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“Experiencing & witnessing constant cold blooded violence, racism & injustice, attempting to process centuries of trauma TO THIS DAY, fighting a national & global system of wrongs & standing up for what’s right, searching for the proper words, healthy expression & outlets is tough, while made to feel guilty for the overwhelming anger & range of tumultuous emotions,” Mya penned in a caption of an Instagram post about her “Space & Time” single. “It all takes its toll. You are seen, heard, understood, loved, appreciated, not alone & certainly needed to make this world a better place. Please don’t forget to take care of yourself, in the process, so you can show up fully for your loved ones & the world. With a long road of revolution ahead, a little self care goes a long way.” Check out “Space & Time by Mya and let us know what you think.

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