It’s been years since Raz B first shared the allegations against Chris Stokes, but he has never waivered in accusing his former manager of sexual assault. Raz has maintained that Stokes violated him when he was a child, and while Stoke has denied the allegations, it hasn’t kept the singer from speaking out. We’ve previously reported on the Fox Soul interview with Raz B that was shelved after the online network was served a cease and desist letter, and since that time, the B2K star has been publicly demanding that Stokes join him for a polygraph test.

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Surprisingly, B2K singer Omarion’s brother O’Ryan lent his voice to the cause and also remarked that Stokes should sit down for a lie detector test after the music executive wrote a comment on one of his photos. In a recent Instagram Live, the singer shared with viewers why he decided to support Raz. “Just because you not a victim doesn’t mean you can’t speak up and say something,” said O’Ryan.

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“This person thought they could just be on my comments… I just had to let him know, this is not sweet. You know, the experience I had over there was not good for me.” He added that he has an album coming out soon and mentioned that he has a “whole different beef” that doesn’t have anything to do with “the physical,” but pertains to “sabotaging” his career.

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Watch the brief clip from O’Ryan’s IG Live below.