Pray Grafh Feat. Conway New Song


Pray Grafh Feat. Conway New Song

Grafh & Conway The Machine Trade Insane Verses On “Pray”

Grafh understands the importance of high-tier lyricism. The New York rapper made a name for himself as a truly formidable presence on wax, lining mixtapes with effortless flows and ridiculous wordplay. All delivered in effortless fashion at that. Though he never quite broke into the mainstream, Grafh remains respected by those who appreciate the craft. Now, he’s reuniting with DJ Green Lantern for The Oracle 3, which is set to hit the streets on March 6th.

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In tandem comes the new single “Pray,” which finds Grafh connecting with Conway The Machine. Well-matched insofar as bars are concerned, the track kicks off with a slick pizzicato-sampled instrumental destined to please purists. “What could you do to me, my ex tried to put a hex on me and voodoo me,” he spits. “This heavy artillery strapped with the semi-harpoonery, I’m multitasking, I’m looking at your chain Googling was to pawn jewelry.” Never one to be outdone, Conway keeps pace with the dexterous Grafh while bringing that expected Griselda quality. Fans of hard bars look no further

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