Queen Naija & Ari Lennox’s Sultry “Set Him Up” Has Arrived

Queen Naija & Ari Lennox’s Sultry “Set Him Up” Has Arrived

Songbird Queen Naija is keeping the spotlight on her Misunderstood album by sharing Misunderstood…Still, and she stirs things up with her new¬†collaboration with Ari Lennox, “Set Him Up.” The sultry single sonically comes across as a sexy tale but if you pay close attention, the ladies are trading information. Apparently, they’re dealing with the same man so they’re conspiring to “Set Him Up” to catch him in the act.

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News of this single caused controversy after a few of Ari Lennox’s fans took issue with Queen Naija’s alleged colorism takes years ago in a viral YouTube video. Queen has long since apologized for her remarks but with each new release, the scandal rears its ugly head. Regardless, Queen and Ari’s vocals beautifully complement each other. Stream “Set Him Up” and let us know your thoughts.

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Quotable Lyrics

He grabbed me by my waist, threw my panties on the floor
He ate it like a cake then we broke the headboard
Love the way he smell when he wear that Tom Ford
Hit it so good, had me beggin’ for some more

HNHH by [Cardiblogger]


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