The on-again-off-again relationship between Ray J and Princess Love is back on…maybe. The husband and wife couple have been making headlines for quite a while regarding their relationship status. It all stemmed from the social media scandal that erupted back in November 2019 when an eight months pregnant Princess publicly declared that her husband left her and their young daughter in Vegas so that he could party with strippers and escorts. Ray J vehemently denied the allegations, but for a time, the couple was separated and living apart.

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Ray j, Love & Hip Hop, Princess Love
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There were hints that their marriage was on the mend, but then divorce petitions were being filed and retracted left and right. Ray has recently offered an update on his romance with his wife, and according to the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, everything is headed in a positive direction now that they’ve planned on relocating to Florida.

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“We’re in a good place right now. We’re in Miami, we’re gonna move down to Miami,” said Ray J. “I don’t think we’re coming back to L.A. anytime soon. We’ve just been in a very positive place and we’ve been taking care of the kids, the kids love it out here and it’s just given us a different mood and a different outlook on life.”

Ray J, Princess Love, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
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“We’re taking it one day at a time.” When he was asked if they are “back together,” he gave an elusive answer. “Well, we are together,” said Ray. “Back together? I think that’s just a journey that we gotta take, but I think we are together and we love being together. Now, it’s just figuring out, how do we keep it consistent and how to we enjoy life together and be good together because I think we’re meant to be together.” 

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Watch Ray J explain his relationship with his wife below.