Rich The Kid Releases Video For ‘That’s Tuff’ Featuring Quavo

Rich The Kid Releases Video For 'That's Tuff' Featuring Quavo

Rich The Kid Releases Video For ‘That’s Tuff’ Featuring Quavo

Rich The Kid That’s Tuff Video: Rich The Kid has dropped the video for ‘That’s Tuff‘, featuring Quavo. The song is the lead single off his upcoming third studio album. It will contain features from notable artists like Quavo and others.

On the song, the men sing about their rich lifestyle, from expensive vehicles to lots of money.

The song was previewed several times on Instagram, before the final drop in November 23rd.

It also made news last year, that Rich The Kid left Interscope records while still with UMG Umbrella.

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Watch the video below:

Lyrical excerpts

[Verse 1: Rich The Kid]
We tough (Tough), you soft (Soft)
Make a phone call and knock ’em off (Brr)
That’s a 150 at the loft (Hunnid)
I can make a play like Randy Moss (What?)
Ride a Rolls-Royce like a boss (Skrrt)
It’s a bando, not a house
I can stack the money in the couch (Money)
I just get the check and then I’m out (What?)
We came up from nothing to something, got millis, we up (We up)
Pull off in the Lamb then race the Bentley, that’s us (Us, skrrt)
That’s tough, rich boss (Boss)
Don’t talk on my pocket, they stuffed (They stuffed)
You ain’t got the money, you bluff (You bluff)
My bitch badder than Rihanna, that’s tough (That’s tough)

[Verse 2: Quavo]
Rolls-Royce truck, that’s tough (That’s hard)
You see the star when you look up (Look up)
Bad bitch and she got put up (Bad)
Huncho in the back, cookin’ up (Cookin’ up)
Don’t fuck with it, that’s your loss (Your loss)
Big Backwood, blow the face off (Gas)
Money, make racks on the day off (Racks)
Money, make racks on the day off
Uh, who want the beef? (Who?)
I patty a bitch, I patty a bitch (Beef patty)
Straight out the street (Street)
Hey, pass me the stick, pass me the stick (Rrah)
I stand on two feet (Two)
I raise my wrist, I prayed you a brick (Brick)
It’s Huncho, I’m rich (Rich)
Not Lilo & Stitch, we came to hit licks

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