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If it’s your dream to attend a scholarship in Russia, then you can actualize your dream. Russia is amongst the world’s largest country in the world.

It has too ranking universities in the world. Russia has become a place where many international students seek to study annually.

Although some students are quite afraid of the cost of studying and accomodation in Russia, so therefore many international student seek about the scholarships in Russia, how to find it the study and even accommodation costs.

Government Scholarships for international students in Russia

Russian scholarship is open to both international and Russian students. But before you can apply a scholarship, you have to excel in the entrance exam or the so-called Uniform State Examination (EGE).

Annually, the Russian government accepts a large number of international students a for scholarships in Russia. The scholarships include the totality of the university tuition fees. That is, student will not pay for tuition fee.

It may also include the cost of living, in addition to a 1,500 rubles monthly scholarship.

Other benefits attached includes a dormitory accommodation if it is available.

How to Apply for a Government Scholarship

1: Visit Study in Russia Website and research on the scholarships you need.

2: Reach out to the ambassadors in your country and research on the number of available government scholarships and courses.

Acquiring a state scholarship depends on the relationship between your country and Russia. In some countries, there are limitation to the number of scholarships, including the courses needed.

3: Apply on the study website and download a scholarship application form.

  • Personal information (full name, date of birth, country of residence, e-mail, and contact telephone number)
  • Level of your education and the earned certificates
  • The discipline you will study in Russia
  • Level of Russian
  • A passport

4: Be patient for an invitation to participate in the admission exam

You will be contacted to take examinations and interviews to determine whether you will get the scholarship or not.

5: Search for your name among the accepted candidates;

This information will be accessible on the scholarships’ website or sent via email directly to the student.

6: If you appear on the list, there is a need for provision of additional documents, such as a medical certificate. Then submit all the necessary documents, in addition with the Russian translation.

7:On the completion of the above steps, you receive a message to make sure your request to study is confirmed at the selected university.

Non-Governmental or Russian Universities Scholarships

1: High School of Economics scholarships

The Russian University of National Research, Higher School of Economics is amongst of the most advanced and developed institution in Russia.

And the university grants a some scholarship programs, helps give fund and covers expenses for international students in the country.

One of the requirements for these scholarships is based on students with quality academic standard. This includes State Academic Scholarship which accepts 1821 rubles monthly to bachelor’s, master’s and specialist’s degree students with standard academic excellence.

Lukoil Fund offers 5 scholarships to students from the 3rd and 4th year bachelor’s and 2nd year master’s.

The scholarship amounts 2500 rubles and 3 000 rubles if the student is renominated and is granted for the purpose of increasing students’ interest in higher education while granting social protection.

Although, the Vladimir Putin Fund Scholarship Program is offered to the best master’s students from the top Russian institution. The fund ranges from 15 000 rubles grant, and is granted to 500 students from 75 Russian universities.

2: Open Doors Russian Scholarships

This scholarship is the benefit of the relationship between the Russian Ministry of Education and Science along with Global Universities’ Association.

The scholarship is offered on a grounds of the Open Door Olympiad competition, where the winners gets an opportunity to study their master’s or doctoral degree in one of the too ranking institution a in Russia.

It is a opportunity for international students to get a full funded scholarship to study one of the 14 courses offered: Business & Management, Computer & Data Science, Engineering & Technology, Clinical Medicine & Public health, Biology & Biotechnology… to name a few.

3: Scholarship from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

This type of scholarship chances for students to get their Master and PhD requirements without any cost. It has been running since 2011 and is the benefit of the relationship between US Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

It is offered to international students and it’s purpose to solve vital technological research problems in Russia.
This covers funding of all tuition fee, together with a salary of 40,000 rubles for master’s students, a medical insurance and any amount covered by admission committee will on a case-by-case basis.

4: Eastern European University Association Scholarship (EEUA)

Founded in 2019, the EEUA scholarship aids international students by covering their expenses cost including their quality education tuition in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Students do not get to pay any expense along with a salary to cover their accommodation charge for the first academic year.

Students enrolled in an undergraduate program at any university of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are privileged to enjoy from this scholarship

5: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MITP) Scholarship

In conjunction with the Russian government scholarship, high and excellent international students with academic standards at the MITP can also enroll for scholarships.

These scholarships, eligibility is based on academic performance, are given on a standard basis to students. Aldo, in event of their program, international students at MITP are give a monthly salary, including academic merit.

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