Stormzy Features H.E.R On ‘One Second’

Stormzy Features H.E.R On 'One Second'

Stormzy Features H.E.R On ‘One Second’

Stormzy H.E.R One Second: Fresh off his ‘Heavy Is The Head‘ album, stormzy has a banging record with H.E.R, titled ‘One Second‘. Its dope as hell.

British lyricist Stormzy is back. He came through with Heavy Is The Head this past week, blessing fans with his first album in two years. The album further cements Stormzy as a heavyweight in the UK scene. Although he does maneuver through the majority of the album solo, “One Second” features some heavenly vocals from H.E.R. The Grammy-winning singer takes command of the chorus and injects pure emotion into the track.

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The instrumental is somewhat melancholy, and it features a passionate guitar riff that evokes strong feelings of nostalgia and remorse. Stormzy raps about his own battles and struggles, using his lyrics to relate to listeners on a higher level. “One Second” is deep enough to make you feel but catchy enough to also throw on when you’re just chilling. The single would do best while late-night driving or having an evening smoke.

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Lyrical Excerpts

d to let it breathe
Just a second, a second is all I need
When you’re questioning everything you believed
And you’re fighting with the devil in your dreams
One second just let me be
Let it pour, let it rain, let it bleed
Heavy is the head but the pressure makes you heave
So you bill it cah the spirit of depression never sleeps in
I am not the poster boy for mental health
I need peace of mind, I need to centre self

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The cover of the NME that shit made me recent myself
There’s people tryna spread the word people that pretend to help but
How am I complaining when I’m blessed?
I get this guilty feeling on the days I’m at my best
When all these demons that I carry get to messing with my head
So could you give me just a second just to get it off my chest please?

Aaron Cole

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