Stream Beyoncé’s newly delivered track “Spirit”.  After announcing... Stream Beyoncé’s newly delivered track “Spirit”

Stream Beyoncé's newly delivered track

Stream Beyoncé’s newly delivered track “Spirit”.  After announcing her forthcoming album, The Lion King: The Gift, Beyoncé has decided to drop its first single, “Spirit” from her forthcoming album,

With Accordance  to  what  she  said  earlier, The Lion King: The Gift will not be her traditional kind of album. Instead, Beyoncé  describes  The Gift as a “new experience of storytelling” that she calls “sonic cinema.”

Beyoncé’s latest single Spirit is Produced by the sensational singer her self together with ILYA & Labrinth.

Spirit is the hit track for the summer as her fans believe its the perfect songs for movieswe can now listen to the first available track from that album, “Spirit,” which will feature in the movie.

Mixjamz brings you the online streaming ”Spirit”, Enjoy below and also remember to let us know what you are thinking of the new track using our comment box below.

Spirit (From Disney's "The Lion King")

Uishi kwa muda mrefu mfalme
(Uishi kwa uishi kwa)
Uishi kwa muda mrefu mfalme
(Uishi kwa, uishi kwa)

[Verse 1]
Yeah, yeah, and the wind is talkin’
Yeah, yeah, for the very first time
With a melody that pulls you towards it
Paintin’ pictures of paradise

Sayin’ rise up
To the light in the sky, yeah
Watch the light lift your heart up
Burn your flame through the night, woah

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