Stream dvsn – In Between. dvsn also... Stream dvsn –  In Between

Stream dvsn - In Between


Stream dvsn – In Between. dvsn also known as OVO duo Daniel Daley and Nineteen85, released their new studio record tittled “In Between”.

The singer and producer seems to be sharing two new singles: “Miss Me?” (with additional production from Stwo) and “In Between.” The song arrive after some teasing on social media, and are working on releasing their forthcoming album very soon.


while every other artists continue producing strong dope hit songs for the summer,dvsn decides to drop a moody track,There’s nothing wrong with getting a bit moody in the summer due to the fact that the song was well cooked.

The new track “In between” was produced by

Mixjamz brings you the online streaming ”In Between”, Enjoy below and also remember to let us know what you are thinking of the new track using our comment box below.


dvsn – In Between (Official Music Visual)

[Verse 1]
Let me start by sayin’ sorry
Some days I take your time for granted
You could be the star in my universe
If I just took time to plan it
Told me secrets you ain’t wanna
Trust is big for you, that’s why I’m keeping it a hunna
Crazy vulnerable shit in common
Just keeps us apart when we should be starting
To keep our promises, we could be promisin’
You say I’m closed off
Let’s open up and take our clothes off

I don’t want nothing in between us
Nothing there to stop the feeling
I don’t want nothing in between us
Got me thinking this might be love

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