Max B and French Montana’s long awaited mixtape... Stream French Montana & Max B – Coke Wave 4 Mixtape

Stream French Montana & Max B - Coke Wave 4 Mixtape

Max B and French Montana’s long awaited mixtape ‘Coke Wave 4’ Is Here

Stream French Montana & Max B – Coke Wave 4 Mixtape. The famed Coke Wave series kick started on Tuesday with the release of Max B and French Montana’s Coke Wave 4, a nine-tracker that producer Paul Couture explained in an accompanying interview was inspiringly written and recorded in merely a week’s time.

Max B talks about the latest installment in the Coke Wave series is “the equivalent of Kawhi Leonard going to Toronto, winning that championship in one year, and now he’s a free agent and he can do whatever he so wants to, make any decisions he wants to.”

“It shows I can work with other artists of stature and still hold my own,” Max B shares. “Anybody I f*ck with, I’m gonna sound buttery.”

“Everyone has this thing mixed up that we’re talking about actual coke product,” Max B told Rolling Stone. “When we came up with the Coke Wave concept, it was always about the hustle, the grind.

French was in the DVD game, When we started . I was doing my thing, had worked with Jim [Jones] and all them. So we both had some buzz in the streets.

We always thought we would come together and put his visual skills with my audio skills. But it’s not about drugs — it’s about the way we took the music and flipped it to make a profit.”


1. Hollywood (Impossible)
2. Super Bad
3. Angel Of My Life
4. Hold On
5. Yes Ya’ll
6. One More Time
7. Don’t Push Me
8. Double Trouble
9. Treat Em Right

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