Ghostface Killah delivers a new solo track... Stream  Ghostface Killah’s new song “Conditioning”

Stream Ghostface Killah's new song


Ghostface Killah delivers a new solo track known as “Conditioning”

Stream Ghostface Killah’s new song “Conditioning”. Ghostface Killah has been very busy so far this year. He is planning to release a new solo album titled GhostfaceKillahs in August, so he has kick started the campaign by dropping the lead single “Conditioning.”

The track “Conditioning” which is in his yet to be released was produced by Danny Caiazzo. which is telling the story of Ghostface planning and executing a heist in the seven-minutes visual.

Mixjamz brings you the online streaming ”Conditioning”, Enjoy below and also remember to let us know what you are thinking of the new track using our comment box below.

Goose coats, yachts, diving off of big boats
My bitch pedicured up with a sick throat
So cold, making you stutter
I-I-I c-c-c-can’t believe Ghost is still gutter

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