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Stream Phora – Forgive Me. After separating from Warner Records, Phora make his First Independent release With “Forgive Me” .

The visual finds the rapper in an enclosure coming face-to-face with his demons, symbolizing his past restraints and his embrace for transformation and rebirth.

Phora proclaims, gasping for air between lines to add to the emotonal lyrics.

Phora emotionally pured out his mind saying, Lately I’ve been so detached but I’m still searchin’ for more,I lost so many fuckin’ people it don’t hurt me no more,Because no matter who it is it’s never worse than before,Tell me why we never listen when they say that love is dangerous,Trying too hard for those that wouldn’t do the same for us

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Phora – Forgive Me [Official Music Video]

One two, yeah
One two
It’s just way too much right now

All this pressure on my mind weighing down on my back
All this emptiness inside, I feel my heart turning black
Feel it all turning cold, I’m just losing my soul
And I tried talking to God but He ain’t talk to me back
Fuck, I can’t lie and say I never think of you
I can’t lie and say I never wished that I could speak to you
I did everything for you, I guess you just couldn’t see
I just wish you needed me the same way that I needed you
But my heart just doesn’t work like before

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