June marked the three-year anniversary since SZA released her debut album Ctrl, a record that is still hailed as an R&B favorite in recent years. The Missouri-born, New Jersey-bred R&B singer has been working diligently at making a name for herself for years, and when she inked deals with Top Dawg Entertainment, fans were excited to hear a regular rollout of new tunes from the 29-year-old star.

For years, her fans have taken to social media to ask her the same question: Where’s the album? It looks like Rihanna isn’t the only one with admirers who have consistently questioned the possibility of a forthcoming project and finally, SZA addressed questions of why her record has been delayed.

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“At this point y’all gotta ask punch,” SZA tweeted, telling her fans to send their questions to TDE’s president, Punch. “I’ve done all I can do . 🙏🏾.” Then, a fan asked the singer, “Would you saaay this is an adverse or hostile relationship orrr just out of your hands = you don’t know.” SZA replied, “BEEN hostile.”

She didn’t say anything else about the situation, but a fan wrote that they’ve already asked Punch about the record and he told them “soon.” SZA added, “This is all he says to me as well . Welcome to my f*cking life.” Punch was made aware of the tweets, so he hopped on Twitter and wrote, “What’s poppin? What y’all on?” Then, he retweeted a fan who sent him messages, chastising him about how he and TDE are apparently treating SZA. “I am a person and you guys are hurting my feelings,” he seemed to have sarcastically tweeted. Check out the stream of messages below.


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