The Weeknd Is Back With ‘House Of Balloons’ & Glass Table Girls

The Weeknd Is Back With 'House Of Balloons'

The Weeknd Is Back With ‘House Of Balloons’ & Glass Table Girls

The Weeknd House Of Balloons: The Weeknd is back with new music. This one, he titles ‘House of balloons‘. It can be said that he conjured dark disco, following the theme of the musical. This trilogy seems to capture a party simultaneously going wrong and right, sloppy yet oddly sophisticated.

The “House Of Balloons” movement floats appropriately, with Weeknd’s signature falsetto gliding over the dark disco beat. Conversely, “Glass Table Girls” finds our hero back down to Earth, damn near rapping his way through an inebriated tryst; there’s something here for everyone, and it’s no wonder the man’s career skyrocketed from that moment onward. One day removed from Trilogy’s seven-year birthday, be sure to show some love to one of Canada’s national treasures.

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Lyrical Excerpts
Been on another level since you came, no more pain
You look into my eyes, you can’t recognize my face
You’re in my world now, you can stay, you can stay
But you belong to me, you belong to me
If it hurts to breathe, open the window
Oh, your mind wants to leave but you can’t go
This is a happy house, we’re happy here
In a happy house, oh this is fun
Music got you lost
Nights pass so much quicker than the days did
Same clothes, you ain’t ready for your day shift
This place will burn you up
But baby it’s okay, them my niggas next door
And they working in the trap, so get naughty if you want

Aaron Cole

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