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You might find out that the highest-paid jobs in Australia may be a surprise to many, as profession like doctors, CEOs and legal professionals are prominently topping the list.

As we briefly analyze these paying jobs, we have some entries that will leave people surprised.

If you’re seeking a career redevelopment, or having thoughts about studying or searching for a job that’ll earn you the high salaries, then this list is specifically made for you.

1: Anaesthetist:

Average Salary Earned: $386,065

At number one on our list, we have the “Anaesthetist” and with average of a $10,000 difference in pay from the top position – is anaesthetists.

Their duty includes handling and administering valuable pharmaceutical drugs, as well as prepping patients for surgery, anaesthetists earns an average of $386,065 per year.

2: Financial dealer:

Average Salary Earned: $275,984

Financial dealers “are I charge if social networking and media, they circumvent social trends, market situations and government regulations” as well “manage their client’s financial situation in order to know the particular time to buy and sell commodities for profit”.

3: Surgeons:

Average Salary Earned: $394,303

I know you’re surprised to see “Surgeon” earn a huge average of $394,303 annually.
There are varieties of them – who earn up to $600,000 per year in some situations – surgeons have risen to top spot on the list for good reason.

To become a surgeon it will require a lot of, commitment, study, hard work, and consistency in high-pressure environments.

4: Internal medicine specialist:

Average Salary Earned: $304,752

These particular job employees are trained to medicate, handle and treat complex and difficult to diagnose health conditions, internal medicine specialists earn an average of $304,752 annually.

As they work in relation with GPs and other workers, internal medicine specialists ranks amongst the third-highest paid workers in the country.

5: Enterprise and software architect/manager:

Average Salary Earned: $138,933 – $142,355

Working as am Enterprise & Software Manager put you on an average between $138,000 and $142,000, this job opportunity curates at number 5 on the list. Employees in this sector are normally in position of developing a company’s IT networks.

This also include upgrading or improving internal services, and overseeing software and hardware installations.

6: Psychiatrist:

Average Salary Earned: $235,558

As a result of the expensive cost of booking sessions with a psychiatrist, it has to our notice and data collection that psychiatrists ranks higher on the list with an average salary of $253,558.

7: Enterprise architecture manager:

Average Salary Earned: $168,762

Enterprise architecture manager earn almost $170,000 annually on average, enterprise architecture managers perfor oversight and supervise “performance and technical aspects of the organisation’s IT networks”.

A full structurized degree in IT, computer sciences or similar is a requirement to hold this role.

8: Judicial or other legal professionals:

Average Salary Earned: $188,798

Legal practitioners is a large term that can cover a number of roles within the legal system of a country.

From lawyers, to solicitors, barristers and magistrates, people who are learned in these professions earn an average $188,798 annually, but salaries can differ very much depending on individual firms.

9: Medical practitioners:

Average Salary Earned: $222,933

Another sector is the medical practitioners and they refer to medical experts such as GPs, dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, gastroenterologists and obstetricians etc.
Like other major entries on the list, the salaries of these workers are different if being compared, but an average practitioners earn $222,933 annually.

10: Mining engineer:

Average Salary Earned: $184,507

Mining engineers are in charge of planning, execution, manufacture and developing the construction of a mine.

They earn an average of $184,507 annually, employees in this sector are to academically acquire sufficient knowledge within three to four years at university before commencing in this space and training their way up the ranks.

11: CEO or managing director:

Average Salary Earned: $164,896

The most important role and executive figures within a company, chief executive officers and managing directors earn average of $164,896 annually, but sometimes their salaries are bigger.

A CEO’s job may include tasks like developing strategies and identifying problems to a company, providig solutions as well as managing productivity and profitability.

12: Engineering manager:

Average Salary Earned: $159,940

Engineering managers, who supervise teams of engineers, averagely earn $159,940 annually.

Their duties includes budgeting, planning technical operations include overseeing hiring and in conjunction with department heads.

13: Vice president:

Average Salary Earned: $151,358

This is a top rank positions within a company, vice presidents earn an average $151,358 annually.

Though becoming a VP is a difficult path with lots of requirements and qualifications to meet, they include education and experience is core element to aid an applicant’s chances.

14: Quantitative analyst:

Average Salary Earned: $153,539

To some persons, quantitative analysts is a new term to them, but it has been in existence for a long time and they operate within a company, but they are incharge of making very vital decisions.

“Quants” refer statistics and mathematics to “analyse financial data and risk management”, which in return aids a company make accurate business decisions relating to investments and pricing and solve their financial problem in the global market.

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