Travis Baker Enlists Rick Ross & Lil Wayne For ‘Gimme Brain’


Travis Baker Enlists Rick Ross & Lil Wayne For 'Gimme Brain'

Travis Baker Enlists Rick Ross & Lil Wayne For ‘Gimme Brain’

Travis Baker Gimme Brain: Travis Baker has released new music titled, ‘Gimme Brain‘. On this track, he featured Lil Wayne and Rick Ross.

Travis Barker is a legend in the Rock space for his work with Blink-182 but he’s always been fond of Hip-Hop as well, having collaborated with the top artists in the game.

The drummer’s only solo album, Give the Drummer Some came in 2011 where he was joined by Lupe Fiasco, Pharell, Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, Ludacris, Kid Cudi and many more. Since then, he has released a single here and there but it’s been a while since we heard him team up with Rap’s elite on the solo front.

Today, he is looking to change that with the new single ‘Gimme Brain’ where he partners with Lil Wayne, who he was on tour with earlier this year as part of Blink-182, and the Bawse himself, Rick Ross. With that title, you know it has some raunchy lyrics. Listen to it below.


Lyrical Excerpts

[Lil Wayne:]
Travie, where the drums at?

Uh, put your titties on the glass, bitch
She got a pussy printed like a Memphis
She said she don’t suck dick ’cause she a Catholic
But she can’t get her cat licked and that’s just tragic
Oh and if her man trip, that be his last trip
He could get the AK or get his ass kicked

Put him in the body cast or a casket
Dogs barking like Travis on some Brad Pitt’s [?]
Clappin asses, laps, and dances
Coke white as Marilyn Manson, American Anthem
I’m handsome with finances with all the answers
Getting brain like I scans it, brain damage

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