Tyga Drops Visuals For ‘Ayy Macarena’

Tyga Drops Visuals For 'Ayy Macarena'

Tyga Drops Visuals For ‘Ayy Macarena’

Tyga Ayy Macarena Video: Tyga has released the music video for his song, ‘Ayy Macarena‘. This is one of the latin songs he has worked on recently.

First came his single ‘Mamacita’ with YG and Carlos Santana (the followup to ‘Go Loko‘) which took off on a good start but failed to maintain momentum.

Tyga later took another brave step with ‘Ayy Macarena’ where he sampled the classic with the same name released by Los del Río in 1993. The song was just sent to radio for adds last week and today, he returns with the official video which even features the original duo Los del Río in the opening scene.

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The reception to the song has been quite mixed till now but maybe the funny music video will help boost its chances. Watch it below.

Lyrical Excerpts

[Chorus: Tyga]
Ayy, Macarena, Macarena, Macarena (Ayy)
Put the chopper on a nigga, turn him to a sprinter (Yee)
Bitches on my dick, told ’em give me one minute (One minute)
Ayy, Macarena, aight (Ayy)
Ayy, Macarena, Macarena, Macarena (Woo)
Put the chopper on a nigga, turn him to a sprinter (Woah)
Bitches on my dick, tell ’em give me one minute (Minute)
Ayy, Macarena, aight (Ayy)

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[Verse 1: Tyga]
Ayy, Macarena, Macarena, Macarena (Hah)
Bitches on my stick, but my name ain’t Harry Potter (No)
She lick it up, make it disappear like ta-da (Wow)
She ask for some dollars, now the bitch get nada (Nothing)
And I’m in this bitch for my clique, what? (Clique, what?)
I’ma throw twenty racks on the bitch, what? (Bitch, what?)
Three phones on my lap (Ayy), world on my back (Back)
She gon’ be tapped in if a nigga tapped (Tap in)
Look like someone that I used to know (Used to)

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