Video of man stylishly collecting his girlfriend’s card to pay for both of them (Watch)

Video of man stylishly collecting his girlfriend’s card to pay for both of them (Watch)

A video which has gone viral on TikTok shows the moment a lady decided to help her man pay for an item for the both of them

They had stopped at a drive-through eatery and after receiving their order, the girlfriend gave her man her credit card to pay.

She recorded the moment her man acted like he was bringing out the card from his wallet, whereas he was just stylishly collecting hers and paid with it.

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Watch the video:

The video has generated a barrage of comments from people who say they shouldn’t have acted like it was wrong, while some women said they would never give their man their card to pay.

@ThrashWTF said; She literally could have just paid. They are both equally embarrassing.

@spidermanshomie; I’m embarrassed you hiding these actions like it’s not ok for your lady to pay for y’all sometimes…

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@Paaay10; I dated a guy who would be embarrassed when I would pay for things. He would be like “just give me the money so I can pull it out like I’m paying I don’t wanna look like a bitch” sir noooo and who the fuck cares what other people think?? I like to pay for things too.

@nostalgiaonfilm; I’m not passing you my card please don’t put your hand out

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@superay88; bruh, it’s not this deep. if she’s paying then she’s paying. who gives a damn. plus if anything, you just created even more attention unnecessarily with the poorly executed sleight of hand theatrics. just hand em the gotdang card

@DRK_Brwn_; Honestly I don’t think any man I’ve ever dated has seen my card.

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