Why you should choose your ambition over a woman you love

Why you should choose your ambition over a woman you love

A Twitter influencer has advised young hustling men on the right choice to make between women  they’re in love with and their career.

Taking to his handle @Uncle_savage00, the Twitter user said that when a man is confused between choosing a woman or his ambition, he should follow his ambition.

He stated that a woman will never have a problem with feeding herself because the world will provide for her in one way or another, but as for a man, he will be mocked simply for being hungry.

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@Uncle_savage00 wrote;

”When you are stuck between a woman and your ambition, go for your ambition. The world will always feed a hungry woman and mock a hungry man”

See his post:

Read some comments below..

@cyOsamudiamen; That true. Let a woman cry out that she is in dire financial need, u see how people asking for her account details. But a guy will be asked to go and look for work. It never easy to be a man

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@faithfulgirlie; Hmmm is it really that simple. you’re not in a woman’s shoe to understand what the world feeds her with

@_boomez; So a girl should drop ambition…and the man wouldn’t say “I can’t have intellectual conversation with you”

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