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For many skeptics, the late XXXTentacion’s somber ballad “REVENGE” revealed the depth of his artistic potential.

XXXTentacion died two years ago, his life cut short during a fatal shooting in broad daylight. As his fans were left grappling with the sudden nature of his murder, many struggled with facing the finality of it. In many ways, it seemed like the young Floridian artist was only beginning to develop as an artist. His creative mind seemed to operate at a breakneck pace, leaping from idea to idea without a moment to spare. Sometimes it led to half-fleshed out skeletons — other times, lightning in a bottle.

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Though it’s far from his most iconic single, the simple brilliance of “REVENGE” played a pivotal role in solidifying Triple X’s potential. At first, skeptics were quick to write him off as an abrasive and confrontational SoundCloud rapper. Yet here he was, penning melancholic ballads on an acoustic guitar, revealing his natural melodic touch in the process. Lyrically, the track tells the story of a timeless theme, its opening line citing the proverb “on the road to revenge, dig two graves.” Despite its brevity, XXXTentacion manages to imbue the song with weight, even his simplest reflections resonating through the subtle pain in his voice.

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Looking back on his death two years later, it’s hard not to think about his potential. He was only twenty years old when he died. Though “Revenge” may have ominously alluded to his grave, nobody was ready to see him fill it. Rest in peace XXXTentacion.

Aaron Cole

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