Young M.A Releases Visuals For ‘My Hitta’


Young M.A Releases Visuals For 'My Hitta'

Young M.A Releases Visuals For ‘My Hitta’

Young M.A My Hitta Video: Following the successful release of her debut album Herstory In The Making, which had been anticipated for years, Young M.A has dropped the video for ‘My Hitta’.

Since the release, she’s been quiet apart from putting out videos for a couple of songs from it like the intro and ‘The Lyfestyle‘. Tonight, she’s back with another one.

Young M.A drops the video for ‘My Hitta’ which is directed by Marc Diamond. You can check it out below.

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Lyrical Excerpts

[Verse 1]
Ayy, ooh, she spicy, yeah, I like her and she like me too
I think I’ma drop a check on her like Nike shoe
I usually don’t trick but, shit, I got a trick for you
I’m usually a ho, but girl, I got this dick for you
And I don’t have a boo ’cause I think I was meant for you
And I just bought a Cooper coupe that’s only meant for two

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My niggas in that foreign right behind me, ayy
And we fuckin’ up the highway like a high-speed chase
Blew 50 at the mall like it’s my b-day
But it’s just a regular, ordinary weekday (Regular)
Ooh, that’s a bad bitch
You can tell she eat her collard greens and catfish
I’m tryna make your daughter cry, sorry, Miss Jackson (I’m sorry)

I wear that pussy on my face like it’s in fashion
Ooh, she said I’m nasty
Baby, I just need a rider like a taxi (Ride)
And if your ex was a disease, then I’m the vaccine
Blowin’ bags, poppin’ tags, we a tag team
And we fuckin’ up a foreign, going max speed
Shoppin’ bags tippin’ over in the back seat
Coffee on the seats, engine got that caffeine
And you bitches couldn’t have me, even if she didn’t have me

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