YSL Affiliate Nechie Lives In The City Of Magic On “High End”

YSL Affiliate Nechie Lives In The City Of Magic On “High End”

The YSL camp grows every day. It feels like Young Thug has damn-near started his own musical cult of sorts with likeminded artists from Atlanta. Many of them influenced by Thugger to whatever degree. Anyways, YSL holds tons of talent that they’ve showcased over the year son projects like Slime Language. Nechie is a name that’s slowly starting to garner buzz. He appeared on “Slimed In” with Young Thug as well as on Wunna

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It seems like 2021 might be the year where he can blow and he’s kicking things off on the right now. He came through with his new single, “High End” over the weekend which is a gleaming trap record celebrating the luxurious things in life.

Check out the new single below.

Quotable Lyrics
I take ’em out like a trash
250 in cash, all in the bag
N***as is bad, n***as ain’t havin’ no cash
N***a, they goin’ out sad

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